Presentation at 8th Annual mEducation Alliance Symposium in Washington DC – November 2018

I recently presented about the project at the Annual mEducation Alliance Symposium event held in Washington DC. This was a great conference with many really interesting presentations and demonstrations about current uses of mobile technologies for learning.

A copy of our presentation slides is available here:


Citation: Cross, SimonWolfenden, Freda and Adinolfi, Lina (2018). Transforming classroom observation and professional development with 360-degree video and mobile VR. In: 8th Annual mEducation Alliance Symposium, 6-8 Nov 2018, Washington DC, USA

Abstract: The managed use of 360-degree video has the potential to deliver a step-change in how classroom teaching practice in low- and medium-income countries is recorded, watched, shared and integrated into teacher development activities. This presentation reports how a pilot conducted in Madhya Pradesh, India used a combination of mobile technologies to achieve 360-video recording and viewing in remote classrooms without electricity or internet. Merely demonstrating this was feasible is an important accomplishment. However, the paper will focus on unpacking the overwhelming positive response from teachers to the truly immersive experience of watching 360-video in virtual reality using a standard smartphone fitted to an inexpensive VR headset. Repeated viewing allows teachers to focus on different parts of the room, build critical skills such as noticing and reflection, and to learn from others practice by ‘sitting in’ on lessons conducted hundred if not thousands of miles away. The benefits to pre-service and in-service professional development and potential for utilisation of teacher owned mobile devices will be discussed using examples from the pilot and a nascent framework being developed by the project team.

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