The aim of the 360-Degree Video and Mobile VR project is to develop practical approaches and a conceptual framework for using 360-degree video recording and smartphone-driven mobile VR viewing to improve the quality of teaching practice, pedagogic understanding, and engagement with professional development. The project is led by a team based in the Institute of Educational Technology and the faculty of Wellbeing, Education and Language Studies at the Open University, UK.

Teacher education, and the role of technology in supporting this, are challenges facing educationalists across the world, particularly in low- to medium-income countries. In India, the initial focus of our research, there is an acute need for finding ways to improve the quality of teaching practice, attract and motivate the number of teachers required to teach a burgeoning student population, and deliver effective pre-service and in-service professional development at scale.

Mobile technologies have a key role to play – not least because in many schools the most powerful computer can often be found in a teacher’s pocket. We believe the case for exploring smartphone-driven mobile VR is compelling. Indeed, developing effective uses for emerging mobile technologies could be pivotal in achieving a step-change in how teachers view, and learn from, video of their own and others’ practice.

Effective use of new technologies such as 360-degree video and mobile VR need careful research-led investigation and local, practitioner-engaged development. This project brings together researcher expertise in mobile and online learning, teacher education and classroom pedagogies, OER and video resource design, and leadership in implementation and teacher engagement in low- and medium-income countries.

The first field trial conducted by the project was in Madhya Pradesh, India in December 2017. Data analysis began in Spring 2018. The project team will deliver their first conference presentation in November 2018 at the mEducation Alliance Symposium in Washington DC.

Field trials in Madhya Pradesh

With permission from the state education department and support from our local team, research took place in two primary schools and one teacher training college.  Learn more.


Image captions (clockwise from top left): First impressions of viewing in mobile VR, one of our consumer-level 360-degree video cameras, trainee teacher workshop, simultaneous live stream recording from two 360-degree cameras, and project team join teacher trainers at the local DIET.



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